2 thoughts on “Untitled 5. A painting by Liz Doyle, Donegal

    • Most amusing! I came to abstract art quite late in life, and it was only through living with a professional artist that I slowly began to appreciate what it might offer me. As I see it, or rather as I feel it, then the pictures I warm to convey to me a sense of harmony and rhythm – I can put it no more clearly than that, being unable to reason it out, or talk about process, colour, form, and so on. It’s something that appeals to a level of apprehending prior to the intellect, I suppose, it being closer to pure perception than something interpretative and represented by the brain. ‘Subjective’ may be one way of putting it, though perhaps one might also say visceral, or instinctive? I’m not sure that labelling such things ‘art’ is entirely helpful, to be honest, Pendantry, although I do it myself quite often, for want of a less provocative term.

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