27 thoughts on “Girl from Sri Lanka. By Steve Evans, London

  1. Lovely one. Children are much on my mind with the Gaza conflict – I cannot just accept we humans can be so brutal to our own young, but well, brutal to everything, I suppose. How will we evolve? I don’t know. I guess one person at a time. I hope I don’t have to come back to planet earth again, don’t think I want to. Meanwhile, I am doing my best . . . I will try for photos like this on my next visit to India, although this one looks like a studio photo. πŸ™‚ Eve.

    • Hi Eve,

      Yes, the current Gaza conflict is utterly disgusting and I have had several discussions about this with others. As this isn’t a political blog, I won’t go into that aspect, save to say, the U.S. must stop funding the Israeli military if it operates, as it is yet again, in this manner.

      As for Steve’s photograph, I’m not sure that it is a studio shot, as that isn’t his thing. He is a photojournalist and cultural researcher who travels very widely and is interested in ethnographic studies. Social documentary photography is his specialism.

      All best wishes as ever and thank you for commenting further.

      Hariod. ❀

      • P.S. In fact, if you look very closely into the reflections on the girl’s eyes, you can see that it is almost certainly not a studio shot. Clearly, the girl is not au naturel make-up wise, and the shot may have been Photoshop manipulated. Still, I like the serenity and immediacy of the composition.

  2. Wow, what a captivating photo . . . Look into those eyes . . .

    I went to Sri Lanka in 1995 and I found the people so very friendly; each had a smile.

    Many thanks for sharing Steve Evans’ photo and link.

    Blessings. Sue.

    • Thank you for looking and for commenting Sue. I greatly appreciate it as I am very particular about the visual side of the site, and hope to please visitors with what is displayed alongside the text.

      Blessings to you too.


      • Photos of people are can express all kinds of emotions and provoke many feelings within the viewer. You have gathered a great display here in your blog, Hariod, and I often visit just to say G’day to the family of man. In fact, there was a book of photos called ‘The Family of Man’ which I thought you might like. _/\_

  3. Hariod, I’ve been revisiting Steve Evans’ photos. He is a marvelous artist to be able to catch all of the nuances in capturing the essence of so many people. This little one has been my favorite. I, too would have pressed the “like” button so many times, but as the Swami has mentioned, it is not working. (Although I do hope his elbow has mended!)

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