Disclaimer and legal stuff

Priest Reading in Library of Göttweig Abbey in Austria. By Jorge Royan

Photography: Jorge Royan, Argentina

Legal Notice, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

No commercial transactions involved here folks – it’s all free!

The site owner will use all reasonable care and skill in providing the content you may seek when accessing this site. All such content is provided on a free-of-charge basis. There is no commercial transaction involved in any usage of the site, and neither does visitors’ usage of this site constitute a transaction of any commercial, moral or other kind. All user comments are similarly received and published free of any such transactional nature and may only be made, or read, on this basis alone.

Please be responsible for your own thoughts and actions

Due to the nature of the subject matter detailed and discussed on this site as content, there can be no definitive or absolute statement of truth such as constitutes equivalence with this same content and no such attribution should be made by visitors to this site. All content, opinion, techniques and practices provided for consideration on this site are subject to interpretation by visitors who themselves remain wholly responsible for any interpretations, decisions and subsequent actions.

“It’s best not to consider me a figure of authority” – Hariod Brawn

Any practices of mental culture outlined in articles on this site should be initiated, conducted and followed not having been regarded as any prescriptive measure issued by an authority, and the author of those articles expressly rejects any implication of authority to issue such prescriptive measures or equivalent teachings. All articles detailing such practices are the author’s particular variations upon like practices established and enumerated across differing cultures and spans of time.

Remember, being influenced is still something we allow ourselves to do – it’s true!

There is no absolute truth or unimpeachable authority claimed or asserted in any of the articles on this site; nor should any similar attribution be perceived by the practitioner or reader of them. This holds in so far as the subjects covered cannot in any case ever be subject to such qualification. Any influence occurring as a result of reading any content, in part, or in whole, and in any format, should be known and understood as the result of the reader’s own interpretation and response.

Take care of your needs friends, our health always comes first

None of the practices detailed on this site are to be used whilst driving or operating machinery, or by anyone suffering from any nervous or psychiatric condition, or by anyone with a condition of epilepsy or clinical depression, or by anyone with psychotropic drug and/or alcohol dependencies. None of these practices, nor any related content, are substitutes for proper medical advice. If you are in any doubt, then please consult a licensed medical practitioner or your registered doctor.

We’re here to discuss rather than seek help or advice – okay?

Under no circumstances are any practices detailed on this site to be treated as curatives for extant mental health conditions or disorders requiring specialist care which, if needed, should be sought immediately. This site is provided and intended as a discussion forum and not as any definitive source of advice or help on matters concerning psychological and/or emotional welfare. Usage of this site constitutes full and irrevocable acceptance of all of the above Terms & Conditions.

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