6 thoughts on “Girls in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. By Yann Forget, France

  1. http://sathyasaimemories.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/who-says-who-i-am-i-am-you-portraiture-from-depy-spyratos/

    You may have to place the link in google.

    Yes, I love photography. Visiting India as I do, spending time taking photos is a must . . . Here is a link to a page on my blog with photos by Depy, a fellow Traveler to India and friend . . .

    My photos are mostly of flowers but I do have many people photos from India travels . . . I don’t post them much . . . Just now and again. I do not have professional gear, as used in the photos here. (I think it is professional gear anyway, due to the clarity of the photos.) Fondly, Eve.

  2. I have reblogged this photo. It speaks volumes to me. Not sure it will to others . . . Thanks for the visit . . . Very much appreciated . . . xxx

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