5 thoughts on “Priest Reading in Library of Göttweig Abbey in Austria. By Jorge Royan, Argentina.

  1. ‘Contentment’ is the word for this image. 🙂 Who wouldn’t be contented when surrounded by all those voices laying in between the pages? I love the book table; I may have to make myself one as I have run out of chairs to stack my books on! It’s a beautiful morning here, I walked Molly as the fog rolled in and it was a wonderful feeling to be embraced by Gaia, so to speak. 🙂

    Hope you have a contentment-full Sunday, and thank you for sharing Hariod. Take care, you matter.



    • How lovely to hear from you Maryrose, and with such a delightful message too; I truly appreciate it. I am pleased you like this choice of picture, and purely because of that shall use it in the post I am publishing here later today. The piece is called ‘Contentedness Embodied’, and I think this priest seems a perfect exemplar of how that might look. Thankyou for the inspiration.

      Blessings on the day to you and Molly dear Maryrose.


      • You’re welcome. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you hear from this image. A ‘Contentedness Embodiment’ is perfect.

        I think I am going to make the bookstand. I was telling my mom and she likes the idea of having one by her, so we shall see. My vegetable and herb garden has to go in first.

        Thank you again – I enjoy the calm of your contentment when I visit, and it seems to stay with me. Now I am off to work on my mom’s legs, and then I am off for the night. 🙂

        Take care, you matter.


        • I managed to write my little piece, Maryrose, [ http://wp.me/p4wkZJ-e1 ] and included the photograph above as prompted by your kind words – thankyou, and good luck with progress on the table for your mum (English spelling for me!) and vegetable garden too. Thankyou also for your interest and delightfully tranquil presence – a real pleasure.


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