16 thoughts on “Woman Smoking Cigar in Cuba (2). By Tibor Végh, Hungary.

  1. Amazing photo. . . wish it were mine. This lady looks completely at home and relaxed in her bright outfit and large cigar. . . Crikey, I wish I could get away with such a pair of hot pants.

    • She looks set for the day doesn’t she, with her little can with another four of those huge cigars, her scissors to clip the ends, her matches and her cushion. What else could a woman need for a relaxing day watching the world go by?

      Hariod. ❤

  2. Oh my gosh; this is brilliant – which I should have just written in capitals – than this long pointless explanation, whoops!

  3. Some months ago I saw this photo as a friend (female) had used it as her Facebook profile picture and I wondered who took it. Now I know – Tibor Vegh! Funny thing is that her grandmother was born in Cuba but now lives here and looks so much like this lady. I have not had a Cuban cigar in some time. The last one I bought was in Mexico years ago. Would love to visit Cuba now that we in the US can. (By the way the lady no longer uses the photo.)

    • Thankyou for appreciating this selection; I think it has to be one of my favourites here, even though I know it has been used elsewhere and I like to keep to obscure captures in the main. She is the epitome of cool I think, and the fact that she has a further four cigars awaiting is brilliantly revealing of her attitude to the day. I used to visit a specialist cigar shop in Soho when I worked in Central London – such a magical little place at the top end of Greek Street near Soho Square – just to take in the atmosphere of the place. It probably is no longer there, as Soho has become gentrified and the corporates taken over much of the retail space. Anyway, thanks once again for visiting. All best wishes, Hariod.

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