4 thoughts on “Reconstructing the Soul. A painting by Clarissa Galliano, Berkshire, England

  1. Hello, dear Hariod;

    Here I am, at a portal made for cheerful visits (seems so, don’t you think?), wishing you a lovely day, any way it comes. I so love your visits, your presence; yes, I feel it. Just a note. Contentment’s sway is deep indigo, today. 🙂

    ~ Meredith

    • Hello there dear Meredith!

      How lovely to have you pay me a visit during the holiday season, which for myself is being spent toute seule – my granddaughters having departed for India on Monday for an exotic family getaway. I quite often spend this time on my own actually; I find company pleasant and energising in brief spells, though quietness beckons soon enough and if not responded to I can start to feel a little constricted. What a curious thing I am; but there we have it.

      I wonder if your reference to a ‘portal’ was Clarissa’s painting; I suppose it does rather look like such an opening. Better perhaps not to muse too much over these abstractions, just as I have been at your place during the past hour or so. I was going to ask you if the latest images were of edibles; they looked rather like homemade puddings, though am sure were nothing of the kind. In any case, your photographs are always good enough to eat.

      Lots of love to you dear Meredith and many thanks for thinking of me.

      Hariod. ❤

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