11 thoughts on “Tension. A painting by Clarissa Galliano, Berkshire, England

      • The illustrator for the pictures may provide an artistic version that could be used. Using a photo of a real painting, I would think, gives the cover depth and intimacy. The light, shadows and concreteness says, ‘this is real’.

        • Yes, you need to consider how to integrate your cover image with the many illustrations you intend having within the pages, otherwise it could well look incongruous. When I used an image of Clarissa’s for a cover I didn’t have any illustrations in that book, so had no such issue. The great thing about using an abstract painting is that you can use details of it which can fill in around all the textual stuff (plus barcode, ISBN, price etc.) that go on the back and which can be set into their own panels. It’s really worth thinking very carefully about the cover.

          • Good points. To me, self-publishing allows me to remake the book any time in the future. Bing, bang, done. New book! Re-titled, re-covered, re-edited. I’m just not that good enough a writer to think that my efforts will sell well. But I do want to create a corpus of work that substantiates my own belief in what I’m doing — ‘Yeah, I’m a writer, see.’

            • Yes, that’s great being able to do that, no doubt. I don’t know if self-publishers’ motive is necessarily to sell well, and presume that for many the writing is its own reward. Here in the U.K. (no idea where you are) the average annual income of a professional author is pitifully low — in-line with the minimum wage of about £8 per. hour — so what chance have amateur writers of making a living? Perhaps the paradox is that many of the best-selling professional authors write quite poorly; it’s just that they hit the titillation spot and scrape through with the aid of professional editors. It’s the same with most creative endeavors (e.g. music, the visual arts), isn’t it? How did you get on in your search for proof-readers? I’d offer but am currently editing a book for someone else and writing one of my own (which won’t sell).

              • Proof vs Beta: I’ve got my own copy editor — an excellent technical grammarian who happens to be my mother (77). However, she’s purely about the Knuts and Boltz. The larger “Sanderson/Mull” plot aspects — that’s something left for beta readers.

                And to tell the truth: the search goes poorly. But, I’m in no hurry. Many illustrations still to do. I think the plot has some holes. But I’ll be sitting on it again for a few months while I consider them.

                Yes, writing must be its own reward. Only a fool would do this thinking of riches. If they knew the odds: 1,000 to 1 (at the most).

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